Cybersecurity Startup FortKnoxster Announces Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet


FortKnoxster, a Gibraltar-based cybersecurity startup, has announced the launch of a non-custodial crypto wallet designed to provide security with military-grade encryption.

With millions of people around the world looking to take advantage of the investment opportunity that cryptocurrencies represent, the startup is looking to create the world’s most secure wallet for the safekeeping of digital assets. Its non-custodial wallet allows users to store their crypto without having to trust their private keys to third parties, improving security and privacy

While the mobile app developed by FortKnoxster brings advanced cryptography to the crypto wallet industry, its uses are not limited to the storage of crypto. The startup has added a messaging feature that allows users to exchange their crypto wallet address securely, facilitating the transfer process by improving coordination and the exchange of information.

With security breaches in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency becoming more frequent, FortKnoxster has made use of what is known as a Hierarchically Derived (HD) wallet model, allowing the generation of multiple account addresses for different currencies with a secure seed phrase, all while using BIP39, BIP 32, BIP 44, and BIP85 mnemonic phrases

The startup’s platform is powered by its own cryptocurrency: FortKnoxster (FKX). Over the past year, it has seen an increase of over 1600% in value, a reflection of the substantial growth the cybersecurity startup has experienced over the same period.

FortKnoxster’s wallet will be launched and available for the public to use in the third quarter of 2021, offering support for multiple currencies to the growing number of cryptocurrency investors.

With its end-to-end encrypted instant messaging, decentralized storage, calling, video conferencing, voice message, and new crypto wallet, the startup has set its eyes on becoming a major player in the cybersecurity, blockchain, and cryptocurrency industries, providing crypto investors with ease of mind and useful tools in the process.

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