Ray Ozzie Develops 5G Connectivity With his Startup Blues Wires


Recently, entrepreneur and former Microsoft chief architect, Ray Ozzie, raised money for his latest startup Blues Wireless. The established tech wizard is working to impact the 5G market with his new venture.

The Boston-based company received a $22 million investment from Sequoia Capital and XYZ Venture Capital, additionally Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and former executive of Stripe Lachy Groom participated in the capital raise.

In March 2020, the company raised about $11 million from investors, including Bill Gates.

Blues Wireless’s main activity at the moment is producing low-cost devices that allow users to collect sensor data over wireless networks.

The company sells a circuit board called Notecard for $49. This board allows a customer to collect data by adding all the devices to a 5G wireless network. It can also be used to remotely monitor the HVAC system on the roof or standard equipment on the farm.

Carriers are also racing to develop Internet of Things (IoT) services. Companies like Qualcomm, Ericsson and other startups like EdgeQ and Particle all want in on the action.

5G also enables connectivity even at the cellular level. It opens the door to collecting data from sensors that can be mounted on all kinds of machines. According to McKinsey’s annual report, by 2030, the market value of a 5G Internet of Things device could increase to $10 billion.

Ozzie had high hopes that no matter how the competition played out, Blues would be able to offer a unique product that would be profitable. With the new funding Blues Wireless should be able to advance its goals, and create a more data-driven economy.

The founder of Blues Wireless has a long history of working with Microsoft. In 2005, Ozzie sold his two startups to Microsoft, Groove Networks and then Talko in 2015.

In the early days of tech, Ray Ozzie decided to found Lotus Notes and ended up working at Microsoft. He worked his way up to Chief Technical Officer and Chief Software Architect at the company.

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