July 2021 Horoscopes: Live Life to the Fullest


I believe that our lives are meant to be enjoyed—truly and deeply. So often on our journeys, there can be uncertainty, fear, or hardship. Life lessons are here to teach us to appreciate the good times and to recognize the things we’re grateful for. 

July 2021 will be a period where we can express ourselves vividly and explore the depths of what makes us happy. With Jupiter, our giver of expansion and miracles, continuing to swim through the tropical reefs of Pisces, magic will be around every corner. Our hearts’ desires are now within reach. Fiery Mars, the red planet of passion, will be ascending the throne of Leo throughout the month, too, adding more color and excitement to our daily affairs. 

For those seeking a summer of love, the time is now. The stars are aligned, but it is up to you to create the romance of your dreams. Don’t just wait for it to come to you. Put yourself out there. For singles, soul mate connections could catch your eye and ignite your heart—almost like you’re in the right place at the right time. For couples already committed, now could be the time where you bring a fire between you that roars for years to come. 

You are worthy of the greatest love. Never forget that.

Find out what July has in store for your zodiac sign in your personal horoscope below!


At the onset of July, you are assessing your home, family, and domestic life, Aries. The new moon on July 9 could help you find more stability and enjoyment where you are or it could even help you move to a better location. Use the time now to consider how to bring more beauty into your living space and make it feel like your perfect kingdom.

Another major theme this month will be your greatest passions, as your ruler, Mars, ignites this sector in the sky. Single Aries could connect with a soul mate or have the opportunity to grow closer with their one and only.

To end the month, a full moon in your fulfillment zone will rise within the night of the 23rd. You could see one of your greatest aspirations now within reach, so aim high and believe in yourself.


Listen to your intuition about the messages you want to broadcast to the world, Taurus. With a new moon in your communications sector awakening on July 9, you may suddenly begin working on a new writing, speaking, advertising, or marketing initiative. Some Taureans may even catch the travel bug and decide it’s time to shake things up and get out of town. You’ll find yourself grateful for the adventure.

Later in the month, a major career milestone may be coming your way as a full moon in your achievements zone ignites the night on July 23. This is the first of two back-to-back lunations here, showing that you may be on the rise in your industry and ready to make your mark on the world. What shoots you into the spotlight now is just a taste of what could be coming later in the year. Take the throne.


Call in the abundance, Gemini, and work toward wealth. As a new moon in your prosperity sector appears on July 9, you’ll have an opportunity to look for a better paying job, receive a raise, or take on a lucrative new client. As Mars ignites your communications sector all month, it’s clear you have the persuasive talents to pitch your ideas and your skills. Jupiter is dancing at the crown of your sky, too, amplifying your ambitions exponentially and giving you the chance to shine professionally.

To end the month, a full moon in your expansion zone will roar near July 23. This lunation could bring a turning point around an academics, media, traveling, or legal matter. With the cosmos telling you it’s time to soar, don’t wait any longer.


It’s time to light off the fireworks, Cancer, because it’s birthday season! The most important lunation of the year arrives on July 9, as it falls within your zodiac sign and could open the door for you to pursue one of your most exciting plans or goals. Seize the day as the Universe sings in your favor.

However, with mighty Mars burning up your financial sector, just be careful to keep an eye on your money so you don’t end up spending more than you’re bringing in! This energy could also aid you in making more if you work harder and ask for what you want.

As the month comes to a close, a full moon in your sector of shared assets appears on the 23rd. This lunation could bring your attention to a debt, scholarship, bonus, or investment that may shift your life.


As mighty Mars ignites your zodiac sign all month, you are a greater powerhouse than ever, Leo. Now is the time when you may want to use your charisma, dominance, and courage to tackle all of your most important plans that you’d like to launch in the two years ahead.

However, the new moon on July 9 could actually encourage you to lie low, daydream, and strategize how to be most effective with your time. If for some reason you’ve been waiting for a doctor or dental check-up, this would also be the perfect time to make sure you are operating at peak condition.

As a full moon in your partnership zone appears on July 23, you could be making a major decision about how to proceed in a key business or romantic union. Grow closer if the connection supports you or leave them in the dust if it doesn’t.


Let the Universe love you, Virgo. With Jupiter dancing within your partnership sector all month, you could be making promises with your one and only. Single Virgos also have quite an auspicious moment to align with a soul mate connection. The new moon on July 9 may bring you in contact with many friends and people who believe in you, so step out your door and make networking a priority if possible. Even if you’ve given up hope for online dating, this particular lunation could bring the winning kiss.

Later in the month, your mind will turn to your employment or health, as a full moon appears here on July 23. Even if troubling news pops up, you can find a way to move forward in a more effective way.


Lift your mind to your ambitions, Libra. As a new moon awakens in your sector of professional achievement on July 9, you could now be in line for a promotion, award, or new job. Also, with Mars dancing through your sector of communities, it’s important to realize networking could be the key to your next greatest victory. Don’t be afraid to ask for an introduction or find a way to get in with the right crowd who can support you.

Your mind will turn to matters of the heart near the full moon on July 23. This lunation could bring a turning point around a romantic or creative matter. If you’ve been on the lookout for love, your stars may just align.


As your co-ruler, Mars, roars in your sector of achievements this month, it appears you’re working hard toward your next big win, Scorpio. If you feel like you’re not in the right job or profession, use this energy to hustle in a newfound direction. A new moon in your expansion zone appears on July 9 and could encourage you to look outside of the box. If you’ve been considering a fresh academic goal, media project, or international trip, don’t miss this sweet spot of opportunity!

To end the month, a full moon in your domestic sphere will rumble near July 23. A turning point around a home, real estate, or family situation may be close at hand. While this full moon could bring some sobering news, rest assured that the rest of the year is likely to work more in your favor.


You’re feeling the urge to merge, Sagittarius. As a new moon in your intimacy sector rises on July 9, you could desire more attention or affection. This lunation could also help you to ask for more support from others if you’ve been in need of it. Some Sagittarians may even have a chance to renegotiate a benefits package, apply for a loan, or see happy movement around a looming debt.

Later in the month, as a full moon in your communications zone dawns on July 23, it is clear your mind is focused on broadcasting your most important ideas. This same lunation could see you debuting a milestone writing, speaking, marketing, or branding initiative and may even bring a newfound contract across your desk to sign. Read the fine print and don’t rush anything.


Relationships are a top priority for you right now, Capricorn. As a new moon in your partnership sector appears on July 9, you could feel it’s time to make promises, move in, get engaged, or be wed. Single Capricorns could also align with someone just their type who has staying potential. Above all, know that you deserve a union that lifts you higher. Fiery Mars will be heating up your intimacy zone all month, too, meaning your sex drive and desires are likely soaring!

To end the month, a full moon in your prosperity sector will appear near July 23. This lunation could bring a shift around your money, whether in the form of a raise, new job, or hefty expense, so keep your eyes on where you’re at and where you’d like to go.


With powerhouse Mars dancing across the sky from you all month, you’re very focused on relationships, Aquarius. You could be working intensely with someone to achieve a goal. Note that you’ll go further as a team rather than flying solo. Single Aquarians should use this energy to pursue prospective suitors with staying potential.

A new moon on July 9 will turn your attention to your productivity and may bring the arrival of more projects from your employer or even a new job offer. Your wellness regimen could also be on your mind. If you’d like to make any changes within these areas, make a plan and see it through.

To end the month, the first of two back-to-back full moons will appear within your zodiac sign near July 23. This lunation could bring a major turning point or manifest a major goal you’ve been working toward for six months or longer. Above all, step into your power.


With your co-ruler, Jupiter, dancing in your zodiac sign throughout the month, you could be feeling a more joyous and peaceful vibe filling your life, Pisces. Set intentions, launch new projects, and, above all, dream big. As a new moon in your passion sector appears on July 9, a door could open to you to bring more love and creativity into your heart. Set up meetings with prospective suitors, if single, or spend more time with your significant other, if partnered.

To end the month, a full moon in your sector of rest will appear on July 23. You may feel the need to lie low, recharge, and daydream near this time. If for some reason you’ve been putting off a health or dental visit, now is the moment to get up to date.

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